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Bringing Chabad to You

Virtual Chabad

Chabad Serving Hamilton College

As the world is in a state of immense uncertainty, Chabad is here to be a constant in your life and part of your Hamilton experience

There is a teaching of the Chasidic masters that  says“Happiness breaks down all limitations”.  No matter how far we may be from one another, if we choose to take on this challenge with joy and happiness, then the boundaries that keep us separated will not exist.  Below you will find a menu of programs, virtual gatherings, and projects to keep the Jewish Hamily connected and strong.
Check back often as new programs and projects will continue to be added.

Shabbat Cooking

Join Devorah in the kitchen as she prepares one of your favorite Chabad dishes on Instagram Live!

L'chaim Club

Login to spend a few minutes on Friday afternoon wishing your fellow Jewish Hamily members a Shabbat Shalom. Say L'chaim and share a few words of inspiration.

Virtual Sinai Scholars

For current Sinai Scholars, join in the classes to finish the semester. 

Weekly Torah Class

Thursdays at noon. Chabad's Weekly Torah class now available to the world. Interactive, you can unmute yourself to share your thoughts, give your opinion and keep it fun!

One on One

Want to chat with Devorah or Rabbi Didy? We're available at your convenience. Call to catchup, ask a random question, reflect on the current situation, or just vent. All good.

Model Seder

Join Chabad's Model Seder. If you register to it, you will receive a gift box with all the things you'll need to join! Sing songs, play some games and drink cups of grape juice.

Listen to a Podcast

In your free time, connect with other students by listening to their experiences on Jewish Students Speak.

Business Network

Join the Club. Submit your name and you will be invited to exclusive virtual events with business leaders. Use this time of isolation to make some great connections!

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