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About the Torah Dedication

Thanks to the generosity of Daniel and Diana Sragowicz, the Hamilton Chabad Student Community and Chabad of Clinton is the recipient of a newly refurbished Torah scroll.


The Torah's not finished yet. It's missing a whole slew of letters so as to give us, members of the local community, the privilege to complete it at a special dedication ceremony. A professional skilled scribe will join the community for the event.

Join us to celebrate on September 10 at 3 pm!

3:00 PM Completing the last words of the Torah

3:45 PM Procession to welcome the Torah to its new home


4:15 PM Celebratory dinner with dignitaries


Thank you for RSVPing. This will help us best welcome everyone warmly to the event.

Join the Torah

The Torah scroll represents the Jewish people. Just as every letter is needed in order to be a kosher Torah, so too, every Jew is needed to make the Jewish people whole. Indeed, if one letter is even somewhat damaged, the entire Torah is not kosher for use!


Help us ensure the wholeness of our community!

Students, alumni, family and locals are invited to participate in this big mitzvah by purchasing a letter in the Torah. According to our tradition, every person is supposed to own a share in a Torah scroll.

Letter-buyers will receive a commemorative certificate with the precise letter purchased.

Sponsorship opportunities also available.

Complete the form below to reserve your letter now!

About Torah
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