"We are here to serve you."

We are here for you. Always.

Below are some of the services we offer.

But, you should always feel free to reach out when you need anything!

Mezuzah Bank

Need a Mezuzah for your dorm room? Want to show some Jewish pride?

We'll give you one, FOR FREE!

Chicken Soup RX

Under the weather? Have a friend that isn't feeling well and you want to make their day?

Order a chicken soup at no charge and have it delivered to your (or their) door!

One on One Meeting with Rebbetzin or Rabbi

Have something you want to discuss with someone in confidence? A question on a Jewish topic? Need a sympathetic ear? Or do you just want to chat?


Well, you can!


Book a meeting with Didy or Devorah.

Birthright Israel

You want to got to Israel for a FREE trip? You can! 

Hamilton Chabad is affiliated with one of the leading providers of Birthright. Speak to us to get on the trip that suits your dates and tastes!

Hamilton Chabad runs a follow up program for all participants of Birthright trips led by Chabad's leadership. Students and parents can support the efforts to stay in touch and continue the inspiration well beyond 10 days!


Chabad's growing network at Hamilton College and at colleges across the glove will keep you connected when you're studying abroad, looking for a job or wanting to connect with other Jews.

Jewish Resource Library

Want to research a Jewish topic? Do you want to borrow a book on Jewish philosophy or history?

Browse one of hundreds of titles on Jewish topics. We don't have it? Ask us and we may be able to order it in!