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Fleece Blanket Donation from Crooked Brook

Chabad of Clinton, NY recently received a donation of personalized fleece blankets embroidered with a version of our logo from Crooked Brook.

Over the past few years, fleece blankets have become very popular as wedding, graduation, corporate or Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts. There are many reasons for this, including; their softness, high insulation value and you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size! Not to mention they are inexpensive and can easily be embroidered with:

  • Company logo

  • School mascot

  • Commemoration of a special occasion or milestone such as a wedding, graduation, tournament championship, or birth of a baby etc.,

Fleece blankets are made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibers and can also be made from recycled PET bottles, as well as recycled fleece. The blankets are lightweight, warm, soft, and hydrophobic, holding less than one percent of their weight in water which allows the blankets to retain most of their insulating powers even when they are wet. They are washed in the washing machine, dry rapidly and are also very breathable. Even though fleece blankets can also be described as "fleece throws" or "fleece throw blankets" there is actually a difference, which is the dimensions. Fleece blankets are made in dimensions that correspond to bedding dimensions; king, queen, full, twin and baby. Fleece throws or fleece throw blankets are usually smaller than a twin blanket (but bigger than a baby blanket, which is actually the perfect size to "throw" over your legs or shoulders. Fleece throws are well-known at outdoor sporting events, particularly when customized with a team logo or mascot, which explains why fleece throws are occasionally called stadium blankets.

Despite the size, the terms "fleece blankets", "fleece throw blankets", "fleece throws" or "stadium blankets" are used interchangeably.

Fleece blankets come in various weights which are usually labeled in ounces or grams per linear or square yard. The thicker the blanket is, the heavier the weight.

Don't assume all fleece blankets are the same; before you buy one, find out what the weight, dimensions and what the fabric is made out of.

Embroidery is the most popular method used to decorate and personalize fleece blankets. Embroidery thread comes in a wide range of colors, so that the colors in the design or text can easily coordinate with any color fleece blanket. When fleece blankets get dirty, they usually can be shaken out or spot cleaned, but occasionally it is necessary to do a full cleaning. To thoroughly clean them, they should be machine laundered in cold or warm-cold water on the gentle cycle. Vigorous agitation from normal or high spin cycles can cause pilling and shorten the life span of the blanket; for optimum results only wash with other fleece products. Normal laundry detergent may be used however bleach as well as fabric softer really should be avoided as they can harm the fabric. Air drying is superior to machine drying. Line drying will not scorch the fleece and definitely will produce less static than using a dryer. If air drying is not possible tumble dry on the coolest setting, being cautious not to over-dry the fleece. Don't ever use an iron on fleece blankets as it is possible to burn the fabric and then leave permanent marks.

With minimal care, fleece blankets will last for many years.

To get the best price when buying fleece blankets on line, use your favorite search engine to find a company that sells “wholesale fleece blankets” or “fleece blankets bulk”. Most people think you need a resale certificate to buy wholesale fleece blankets however; many vendors will sell them at wholesale with a one case minimum.

About Crooked Brook

Crooked Brook has designed and manufactured custom lab coats, chef coats and aprons for the world's most distinguished professionals since 1989. All Crooked Brook branded garments and accessories are made to order according to the customer’s style, fit, and fabric specifications in Utica, NY. In addition, Crooked Brook also offers buckwheat pillows, promotional products, decorated apparel and accessories such as jackets, t-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, tote bags, golf shirts, vests, sweatshirts, hats, hoodies, sweatshirt blankets, personalized and wholesale fleece blankets that can be customized with your logo.

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